Thank you for your interest in Veritas! We are glad you are visiting our site.  Allow me to give you a brief introduction to our school.

Veritas was founded in 1999 for the purpose of assisting parents in providing their children an academically rigorous classical and Christian education – an education that would cultivate wisdom, virtue, and eloquence in the hearts and minds of students and would prepare them to engage the world with purpose and confidence.

Veritas School | New Campus

Since our founding, Veritas has been steadily growing and maturing. We are pleased with our progress but also know the best is yet to come. We will continue working diligently to provide Richmond area families an opportunity for their children to receive the highest quality education in the context of a distinctively Christian community of faith. I like to say we are committed to “discipleship and scholarship without one compromising the other”.

If after visiting our site, you are interested in knowing more, or actually experiencing Veritas first-hand, please call or come visit. We would love to meet you!

W. Keith Nix
Head of School