Capital Campaign

Veritas School | New Campus

Capital Campaign – Seed. Nourish. Cultivate. Bear Fruit.

Veritas School | New CampusFrom Biblical times to the 21st century, the image of a young seed, full of potential, in need only of good soil, the warm light of the sun and clean water, has resonated across centuries and cultures. And it’s for good reason. Under the right conditions, flourishing, fruit-bearing life emerges from a tiny seed!

The ingredients needed to bear life-giving fruit are here – all that remains is to complete the purchase of this location for our garden to grow.  It is our goal to create a campus full of life, Christ-centered and dedicated to classical learning and excellence. A campus where the seeds of learning are planted, nourished with excellent curriculum, cultivated by dedicated faculty and finally, in God’s goodness and perfect timing, flourish.

Veritas School | New CampusIn order to secure this permanent location, the Board of Directors recently approved a decision to move forward with a capital campaign. Contributions will be sought from all members of the Veritas community including parents, grandparents, faculty and staff and friends in order to complete Phase One and move forward with Phase Two.

To complete Phase One, and secure the campus we now call home, we must raise an additional $2 million dollars by May 2015. Already, close to one million of the three we need has been given to enable Veritas to purchase and renovate Graves Hall. The next step is to purchase Virginia Hall, which is currently being leased. Phase Two involves the purchase of Lingle Hall, Newbury Hall and Dubose Hall. Phase Three is Kraemer Hall. Your commitment will help us create a campus to attract, nourish and cultivate students of wisdom and virtue in the greater Richmond area

Veritas Campus Map

For those interested in learning more about our exciting capital campaign please contact Director of Development, Barbara Hickerson at or by phone at (804) 272-9517. Barbara will be delighted to arrange for you to speak with our Head of School, Keith Nix.