Mr. Will Killmer

Director of Classical Language Instruction, Latin Teacher
Mr. Will Killmer has taught a wide range of Latin students, from 3rd Graders to high-school seniors in AP Latin. He holds a B. A. in Classics from the University of Virginia, during which time he spent a semester abroad in Rome, as well as two M.A.’s from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. After seminary Mr. Killmer taught Latin at a classical Christian school in Peabody, MA and was glad to join the Veritas faculty in Virginia in 2017. In the classroom, he likes to use active methods of Latin instruction and enjoys writing student-centric Latin stories, all with the aim of increasing students’ proficiency in the language. In his spare time he enjoys reading, cooking (especially smoking meat), and spending time with his wife Jenn, kindergartner Amelia, and three-year-old Lucy.