Upper School Mathematics and Logic Teacher

Grades 7 - 10
The ideal candidate will be conversant with Christian classical distinctives, believing that the purpose of education is formation according to Christian virtue, which can only be taught by a teacher who embodies such virtue. He or she will possess proficiency in the specific discipline(s) taught, while also being able to integrate ideas from other disciplines. Further, the candidate will be able to prioritize teaching the skills of the verbal and/or mathematical arts, as those are crucial to the student’s ability to think and to learn.

The Upper School Mathematics and Logic teacher provides classroom instruction to students in Algebra, Geometry, and possibly Logic, providing training in the skills and concepts that underlie the Quadrivium. The position requires an educator who is a mature Christian who loves teaching and shepherding children. He or she should be a person who is personable, organized, and committed to providing a caring and engaging learning environment in which students’ minds, hearts, and souls are cultivated and nurtured.

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