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Welcome, Grandparents!

Even though we couldn't see you in person on Grandparents' Day, we want you to know how much we love and appreciate our grandparent community. We hope you enjoy this window into the life of our school, and we look forward to seeing you in person at a time when we can safely gather together again. 
My Very Own
Composed by Susan LaBarr
Performed by the Veritas Concert Choir

Welcome Videos

Welcome Message from Keith Nix
Head of School
Welcome Message from Ann Lagos
Granpdarent Committee Co-Chair

Veritas School Grandparent Committee

Ann and Bill Lagos, Chair Couple
Carol and Alan Baker
Jon Kennedy
Carol and Gary Slate
Lynda Vickers-Smith

The Veritas School Grandparent Committee (VSGC) was established in 2014 to engage grandparents in the life of the School, and we thank them for their involvement! Committee members meet twice a year and assist with Grandparent events. For more information about the Grandparent Committee, please contact Director of Development Barbara Hickerson.

Art Gallery

Art education at Veritas begins with the concept of God as the Master Artist, who has given us the Elements of Design: line, shape, form, space, pattern, texture, value, and color. These simple-sounding elements are the building blocks of all great art, and they are revisited and re-explored each year as students gradually increase their capacity to observe, understand, and create.

In grades JK through 8, students discover age-old techniques and ancient patterns while using more modern art supplies to depict what they are learning. During this time, they are encouraged to adhere to the constraints of a given historical time period in history and are challenged to express themselves within that framework. As students progress into high school, self-expression is integrated into the art lessons as a discipline that students can incorporate alongside their other skills. We hope you enjoy this view of the progression from our Junior Kindergarten art class through our Advanced Art Studio! If you would like to learn more about our program, please visit our Visual Arts webpage.

music performances

Veritas places great value in giving students a rich music education. We strive to teach music skills that will last a lifetime, deepen students' understanding and appreciation of great music, provide opportunities for making beautiful music together, and inspire them with a passion for excellence to the glory of God. Our program has a broad scope: general music classes are provided for junior kindergarten through fourth grades; in fifth through eighth grades, students select either choir or strings; and in high school, students have the option of continuing their music training through membership in either the high school Concert Choir or the high school String Orchestra.

Our choral students have received numerous awards and honors, including unanimous superior (highest) rating for the Concert Choir and Chamber Singers at the District 1 Choral Assessment. Thirteen students placed in the District Choir and one in the All-State Choir (plus two alternates).

Our strings students have also invested considerable time to play at a high level;
 five students were accepted into the highly competitive South Central Virginia Senior Regional Orchestra, and fourteen students were accepted to the Central Regional Orchestra Festival, a Central Virginia regional orchestra festival of the region's top middle-school string players.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Chamber Singers Performance

One of the musical highlights of our year is the annual Lessons & Carols service in December. The service is based upon a traditional sequence of nine Scripture readings, followed by musical selections performed by our high school choirs and string ensemble. This year, we were graciously hosted by All Saints Episcopal Church in Richmond for a rich evening of music and contemplation that we are delighted to share with you. You can find an additional video and other musical selections on our Performing Arts webpage.
Lully, Lulla, Lullay
Traditional Carol, Arranged by Philip Stopford
Performed by the Veritas Chamber Singers
Solo by Mya W.

Strings Performances

In March 2020, the Veritas Strings Program presented a concert inspired by the Baroque period (1600-1750), arguably one of the richest and most diverse periods in western music history.  Many timeless works of this era were largely commissioned by the church to bring laymen in touch with the artistic world through emotional intensity, rich texture and ornate beauty. One of the greatest masters of the Baroque era was Johann Sebastian Bach, whose music reflects a deep and abiding Christian faith. In the following two clips, both the Veritas 5th Grade Orchestra and High School Ensemble embrace the first movement of Bach's great Brandenburg Concerto No. 5.  Enjoy this unique view of one piece and the growth and arc of the Veritas Strings Program!
Brandenburg Concerto No. 5
Johann Sebastian Bach, Arranged by Richard Meyer
Performed by the Fifth Grade String Orchestra
Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D Major, BVW 1050, Allegro
Johann Sebastian Bach
Performed by the High School String Ensemble
Solos by Christopher G. (harpsichord), Lucas C. (violin), Bethany G. (flute)
The Veritas Fifth Grade Orchestra is our entry-level group strings class. Students meet twice a week for 50 minutes to learn the foundations of string playing: proper bow and left-hand technique, accurate intonation, disciplined practice habits and the art of playing in an ensemble.

High School strings students meet four periods a week and continue to refine their skills through quality repertoire (focusing on classical and jazz genres), music theory, and a contextual study of musical masters and their works. This year, our high school ensemble had two notable distinctions: students learned to play on Baroque-era bows (designed with a 'convex' or outward curve), and we had the use of a harpsichord, the official keyboard instrument of the period.

How can you get involved?

Veritas welcomes and encourages grandparent involvement!  We believe that grandparents can have a direct impact on their grandchildren's education by praying faithfully and by being active members of the Veritas community. We have listed some of the ways that you can be involved below, and we will update this list as more opportunities become available. 

Should you have any questions, please reach out to Director of Development Barbara Hickerson at

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  • Pray daily for your grandchildren and for our school.

    The Veritas Partners in Prayer publishes a weekly prayer guide (available in the weekly newsletter) and is currently holding a weekly prayer group via Zoom. Please email the PrayerTeamCoordinator at to receive the Zoom link.
  • Learn what’s happening at Veritas.

    You can sign up to receive the Lion’s Roar, our school e-newsletter, by emailing Barbara Hickerson at You can also follow us on Facebook to enjoy updates and photos from the life of the school.
  • Look around our website.

    We’ve just updated our website with a wide variety of content about our school and the education that your grandchildren are receiving. Be sure to click the link below if you're interested in learning more about Veritas!
  • Attend Veritas events.

    While we are still waiting to determine how we will proceed with next year's major events, please know that we invite grandparents to attend many of our community activities, including the Prayer Breakfast, Community Dinner, Book Club, Class Showcases, andof courseGrandparents’ Day.
  • Consider making a gift.

    Many have asked how they can help our school during this difficult time. First and foremost, we ask you pray. Secondly, we are still seeking to complete our Annual Fund but will use the remaining amount ($50,000) to provide tuition assistance for Veritas families who have financial losses related to COVID-19. If you are able to support our school and community by making a gift in this way, we would be most grateful. Gifts can be made online or sent via mail to Veritas School, 3400 Brook Road, Richmond, VA 23227.