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Grandparents' Day 2021

Grandparents' Day Art Gallery

Our art teachers have photographed a selection of student projects so that you can see some of the beautiful pieces that students have created over the course of the year. We hope you enjoy the virtual "gallery"!

Jr. Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

Art education at Veritas begins with the concept of God as the Master Artist, who has given us the Elements of Design: line, shape, form, space, pattern, texture, value, and color. These simple-sounding elements are the building blocks of all great art, and they are revisited and re-explored each year as students gradually increase their capacity to observe, understand, and create. In grades JK through 8, students discover age-old techniques and ancient patterns while using more modern art supplies to depict what they are learning. Students' projects are often directly related to the time period of history that they are studying in class that year.

Kindergarten through 6th grade student galleries are hosted by Artsonia. Please click the link below the image to view the grade-level gallery for each art project, which includes works by almost every student in the grade. If you click on a student's name in Artsonia, you will be able to see all of that student's work. 
Jr. Kindergarten
Pointillism Umbrellas
Inspired by Georges Seurat
Jr. Kindergarten
Yarn Paintings
Inspired by Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett
Jr. Kindergarten
Landscape Collages
Inspired by the beauty of God's creation
Inspired by Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel
Inspired by Rembrandt van Rijn
Inspired by Albrecht Durer
Inspired by Ezra Jack Keats
First Grade
Portraits of Famous Virginians
Inspired by Colonial Art
First Grade
The Peaceable Kingdom
Inspired by Edward Hicks
Second Grade
Masks over Masks
Inspired by African Masks
Second Grade
Bamboo Watercolor Paintings
Inspired by Traditional Chinese Paintings
Second Grade
Sarcophagus Paintings
Inspired by Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagi
Second Grade
Still Life Collages
Composition Study
Third Grade
Scratchboard Greek Vases
Inspired by Ancient Greek Hydria
Third Grade
Moveable Circus Collages
Inspired by Roman Study of the Circus Maximus
Fourth Grade
Paper Mosaics
Inspired by Byzantine Mosaics
Fourth Grade
Illuminated Manuscripts
Inspired by Medieval Manuscripts
Fifth Grade
Radial Designs
Inspired by Symbols of Nature from the Samurai
Fifth Grade
Oil Pastel Lions
Inspired by Peter Paul Rubens
Sixth Grade
Historical Clothespin Characters
Inspired by Civil War-Era Clothespin Dolls
Sixth Grade
Art Room in Perspective
Inspired by many famous artists -
look for their works!
Sixth Grade
Stained Glass Mirror Designs
Inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany
Sixth Grade
Wire Sculptures
Inspired by Alexander Calder

7th through 12th Grade

In grades 7 and 8, students continue to explore age-old techniques and ancient patterns and are both encouraged to adhere to the constraints of a given historical time period in history and challenged to express themselves within that framework.

Beginning in 9th grade, self-expression is integrated into the art lessons as a discipline or as a skill set and students are prepared to make educated choices, having practiced with additional materials and methods. In general, high school students take the following classes in sequence during their time at Veritas:

Art Foundations (9th Grade)
Intermediate Art | Drawing & Painting (10th and 11th Grade)
Intermediate Art | Ceramics (10th and 11th Grade)
Advanced Art ​(12th Grade)
Elective Art Classes (9th through 12th Grade)

In order to help you locate a particular student's art more easily, we have created galleries by grade, with separate elective galleries. Please click the name of the class to view each gallery.

Senior students in Mrs. Rosebro's Advanced Art Elective put together portfolios of work from their high school career that they submit to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, along with an artist's statement and personal statement.

2021 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

This year, Veritas students submitted 286 works of art and 44 written works to the Scholastic Art and Writing competition. In January, we were notified that Veritas students received 23 art and writing awards in the local Regional Scholastic competition. The award-winning pieces can be seen in the gallery below. In addition to the art, an honorable mention was given to senior Eli Redding for his lyric poem about David and Goliath. Click the link below to read Eli's poem!
Of the art awards, one Veritas student - Bella Griffin, 11th grade - won a Regional Scholastic Gold Key for Mixed Media, and as part of the next stage of adjudication, her work was immediately entered into the national contest in New York City. Out of 230,000 entries submitted by 80,000 students from all 50 states, Bella was awarded a National Scholastic Silver Medal in Mixed Media for her Wall Quilt - one of only 1,917 National Gold and Silver Medals awarded in NYC this year. Congratulations, Bella!

2021 Grandparent's Day