Our Mission & Distinctives

Our Mission

Veritas School exists to glorify God by cultivating students of wisdom and virtue through a Christ-centered, academically robust classical education.

Our goal is to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and vision necessary to be effective leaders and servants for Christ in a wide variety of professions and vocations. We seek to raise up a generation of young people who have a genuine love of learning, who love Jesus Christ with all their hearts and minds, and who can articulate the Christian message with clarity, creativity, and power. 

Our Distinctives

Veritas School offers an education that begins with the end in mind: the formation of a whole human person, who will mature, flourish, and bear fruit. We seek to prepare students not just for college but for life—a full and worshipful life that includes work, family, community, church, culture, and service.

Our unique education is shaped by the following distinctives:
We begin with the end in mind.
We understand that education is about formation.
 We are intentionally Christ-centered in curriculum and culture.
We partner with parents who have a shared mission and goals for their children.
Our team of highly-trained faculty pursue deep learning both inside and out of the classroom.