Our Team

Portrait of a Faculty Member

A calling and an art

At Veritas, we believe that teaching is both a calling and an art, and we are very pleased to have a team of highly-educated professionals in our classrooms. 

Our teachers experience teaching as a calling; it is missional for them.  They honor and serve Christ through teaching and delight to offer a formative education to their students that is more than just imparting knowledge; it is an education in faith, hope, and love.  
Teaching is also an art, and our teachers are committed to growing and developing their skill. We provide a robust faculty training program with a significant amout of time set aside each year for professional development.

What does this look like in the classroom? Our faculty are passionate about conveying a love for learning, and they model this love through an excitement for their lessons and a delight when students engage and learn.  
At Veritas School, we cultivate faculty members who:

List of 6 items.

  • Embody the Portrait of a Graduate.

    She understands and believes the Gospel, enjoying a growing faith in Jesus Christ. She participates in the local body of Christ, studies Scripture, prays, and serves faithfully. She reads deeply and charitably, and reasons truthfully and rigorously, and she speaks and writes with wisdom and eloquence. She engages creation with wonder, pursuing beauty and working diligently. She loves and serves Christ the King, bringing shalom by sharing the Gospel and acting for the good of others. 
  • Relate virtuously with students, parents, and colleagues.

    He speaks graciously, resolves conflict properly, and refrains from gossip.
  • Exercise authority virtuously.

    She has courage to address students’ behavior and prudence to know when and how to do so most fruitfully. She avoids displays of power and manipulation, wielding her authority with kindness and benevolence.
  • Submit to authority humbly.

    He follows the guidelines set forth in Veritas handbooks and given by administrators, and he applies the policies and practices while seeking to understand the philosophy behind them.
  • Demonstrate pedagogical competence.

    She has mastered the skills and content of her courses, instructing and assessing her students in humane and delightful ways. She organizes classroom time, space, and activities to maximize learning and peace.
  • Pursue deep learning.

    He seeks to increase his own education in the Christian tradition, the natural world, and his own teaching discipline.