School Life

House System

The Veritas House System was established to further the mission of the school through small communities of Upper School students and faculty. 
The House System nurtures fellowship, leadership, and service within the Upper School and provides a structure in which faculty members and students meet the academic, social, and spiritual needs of their housemates. Each year, rising seventh graders and new Veritas students are inducted into Houses, where they will remain members throughout their Veritas experience.

The House System also provides the basic structure for the formal student leadership of the Upper School. Each House has a House Head who both leads the House and works together with leaders from other houses, faculty, and administrators to oversee many Upper School activities. Teams of additional student leaders from the Houses collaborate to organize and execute inter-House activities—things like socials, service projects, and competitions—as well as to lead intra-House mentorship and fellowship.
By providing this structure, House System encourages students to bring their desires, ideas, and talents into the life of the school - we want them to shape the identity of the Upper School and leave their mark on it. The Houses allow for real responsibilities, real participation, and the possibility for real failure. Through healthy competition and shared goals, students learn to work together, solve problems, initiate new ideas, and participate in meaningful traditions. 

Veritas Houses

The House of Becket, named for Thomas Becket

The House of Bonhoeffer, named for Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The House of D’Albret, named for Jeanne D’Albret

The House of Kuyper, named for Abraham Kuyper