Are you interested in applying to Veritas School? Please read the details below about our process and timeline.

Our Process

Veritas School accepts applications throughout the year. Official enrollment season for the upcoming school year begins October 1. You may enter the application process earlier by completing the Early Reservation Form, which places your child in the wait pool for future school years.

To begin the process, please submit the following application and fee. After the application is processed, you will receive a letter of confirmation and a phone call to schedule a student assessment. Each applicant is assessed by a teacher, looking specifically at math, reading, writing, and grammar at the appropriate grade level. 

After applying, parents are also asked to request student recommendations (sent directly to the school by the recommender), which give us a more complete picture of each prospective student and how he or she interacts with peers in a classroom environment. The recommendations must be received before the family interview, which is the final step in the application process. This interview is an opportunity for parents to meet with a school administrator and learn more about Veritas School, and for us to learn more about your family. 

Please note that, for their starting year, rising Junior Kindergarten students must turn four by September 1 and rising Kindergarten students must turn five by September 1.

Application Checklist

The checklist below explains the specific steps from application to enrollment. Please use this checklist to track the application process for each child applying.

List of 5 items.

  • Forms, Records, and Fees

    All forms are located in Admissions Resources (right)
    • Application for Admissions
    • $100 application fee
    • A copy of all previous and current report cards – transferring students only
    • Transcript Request Form – transferring students only
    • Copies of all standardized test results – students in grades 3-12
    • (2) Student Recommendation Forms (should be sent directly to Veritas School by the person making the recommendation)
    • $125 testing fee for applicants in grades 5-12 paid directly to ISEE. An invitation with the registration link will be sent by the Veritas Admissions Office.
  • Readings

    • Required reading materials will be communicated by the Admissions office.
  • Testing and Interviews

    • Student Assessment
    • Student Shadow Day and Interview (Grades 6 and above)
    • Parent Interview
  • Post-Acceptance

    • Return Enrollment Contract with deposit by the date stated on the Acceptance Letter.
    • State of Virginia School Entrance Health Form completed and returned by August 1st.
    • Photocopy of birth certificate for Junior Kindergarten, kindergarten and 1st grade applicants.
  • Early Reservation Form

    Completion of this form places your child in the applicant pool for the school year and grade level designated. You will be notified of form receipt and next steps by the admissions office. Age requirements for acceptance into kindergarten and first grade are as follows:

    • Junior Kindergarten: Child must be 4 by September 1 of the year he/she begins class.
    • Kindergarten: Child must be 5 by September 1 of the year he/she begins class.
    • First Grade: Child must be 6 by September 1 of the year he/she begins class.

    An early reservation fee of $50 must be submitted to the Veritas School office in order to be officially placed on the applicant list.

Admissions Timeline