Grades 2 - 6

In second through sixth grades, the art curriculum is specifically designed to complement and enhance the students' historical studies. Students explore the Elements of Design through a wide variety of projects in different media that are inspired by art of a particular era. 
Second Grade
Works from ancient cultures, including art from the caves of Lascaux, ancient Egypt, China, and Africa.

Third Grade
Art from ancient Greece and Rome.

Fourth Grade
Art from the Byzantine era and medieval eras, including a large assignment exploring the illuminated manuscript and heraldry and a look at Leonardo DaVinci.

Fifth Grade
Assignments explore South America and early American art (such as the limner artists), along with an exploration of design and various forms of symmetry.

Sixth Grade
Assignments explore the Arts and Crafts era of mass production and civil war artists like Winslow Homer. Students apply concepts such as linear perspective, incorporating research on many 19th and 20th century artists. The year concludes with a painting and a research paper about a favorite artist, exploring his or her style and technique.