Mr. Eric Latourelle

Science Teacher
Mr. Eric Latourelle joins the Veritas team after six years as a 7th and 8th grade science instructor, including leadership as the Middle School Science Curriculum Chair at The Steward School. His time there was marked by creative experiments in the Bryan Innovation Lab, student advising, and curriculum re-design. Prior to his time at Steward, Mr. Latourelle taught science at Wilder Middle and Hermitage High School. He also has industry experience, as a Quality Control Microbiologist at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Research Assistant at the University of Mary Washington, where he earned a BS in Biology. He furthered his education at the University of Richmond, earning an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction. Mr. Latourelle has been a dedicated church youth group leader for many years, the recipient of numerous awards, and frequent conference presenter. Mr. Latourelle writes: “I believe the study of science is analogous to studying the works of the great artists, authors and composers; by examining the brushstrokes of God in the order of the natural world, we can better understand its Creator.”