Grades 9 - 12

As students progress into high school, there is more room for self-expression, and they are better prepared to make educated choices, having practiced with additional materials and methods. Beginning in 9th grade, self-expression is integrated into the art lessons as a discipline or as a skill set.
Students in 9th through 12th Grades typically take the following courses, with some possible variation in order. 

Art Foundations 
Art Foundations is a student's first high school art class, and it provides an overview of design, drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture techniques, as well as selected periods of art history.​
Intermediate Art - Drawing & Painting 
In tenth or eleventh grade, students develop and expand the basic skills from Art Foundations and will explore color, line, shape, texture, design, space, form, unity/harmony and composition. ​ These elements of art are studied in the context of the works of great masters, and students will practice making well-informed, imaginative and inventive artistic decisions with each project assigned. Students are encouraged to experiment with original thematic ideas as they improve technical competence in drawing and painting.
Intermediate Art - Ceramics
In tenth or eleventh grade, students spend a year in our Ceramics studio working in 3D. The ceramics course begins with hand building and moves into wheel throwing. After taking this class, access to the Ceramics Studio is granted to students who show independence, responsibility, and a level of mastery.​
Advanced Art ​
During their senior year, students continue skill development and personal style, using a more advanced level of materials and concepts. They also assemble works that can be used in a college application portfolio. Areas of exploration include drawing, acrylic painting, printmaking and sculpture.​
Elective Art Classes
The art faculty offer a variety of year-long elective art classes that changes from year to year. Past art electives have included:

Advanced Art Studio
Digital Photography
Drawing and Painting
Mural Painting
3D Art